Benjamin Tagg - Christian Artist in Buffalo, NY


Hi my name is Benjamin Tagg. I was born and raised in England but the twists and turns of a life guided by God’s hands, have brought me to Buffalo, New York. I love music in all its forms, but I gravitate towards indie, rock and acoustic styles. My style is earthy and laid back. I play acoustic guitar, drums and piano. I hope you enjoy my music and join me on this journey of sharing it with the world!

“I write gritty songs that flow out of times of worship, scripture reading or just jamming out. When I sit down with my guitar or at the piano I love to just jam chords and sing until something comes out of me. Some songs have taken a long time to develop, but some just flow and come to me fully in one sitting. For example, every line of Creator God was written in the same 2 hours. It just came to me and I wrote what was flowing. Be Still on the other hand, took a lot of development over a long time until I had it just right. I don’t think you can put my music in a box. It has elements of a lot of different styles. Music is language. It speaks to people of all languages, cultures and traditions.”


How I started in Music

I’ve loved music since I was a little boy, coming up with tunes and songs in my own little world. I was always quite a shy kid. I started writing songs when I was 15. I had to recite Bible passages at school, so I would play some chords on the guitar and sing the scriptures. A lot of my songs even today are scripture passages put to song, such as “Fruitful”.

I play guitar, drums and some piano, but I started out with drums. A Canadian called James taught me for a year and that’s really what kick started me as a drummer. From there my brother Sam taught me how to play guitar. Then I picked up piano from people here and there.

A little about my family

My Amazing Family – Elijah, Luke, Isobel and Ruth

I come from a musical family and I’ve been really inspired by them to pursue music and experiment with instruments. My Mum and Dad are both musical and creative and I have four siblings who all play instruments better than I do.

My wife, Ruth, is an incredible singer and just a generally inspirational person in so many ways. She has persuaded me not to give up on my dreams. She is my best friend and my closest confidante.

I have three kids that keep me on my toes.

Elijah is my firstborn. He’s incredibly intelligent and independent. He loves to sing and often makes our living room coffee table into a stage!

Isobel is my second born. She is bright and intuitive. When she sings it brings me to tears. She loves to bang on pots and pans – her drum set!

Luke is my tall hockey player! He is so joyful and ambitious. He loves to talk and dance.

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Available March, 2020