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Here you can listen to the most up to date content to give you a taste of Benjamin Tagg. Chilled out acoustic, Indie-rock, Christian contemporary and folk await your ears. Enjoy!

“Music is language.”

Benjamin tagg

Redeeming The Time – Album

Listen to Benjamin Tagg’s debut album of original Christian worship songs.

All songs written by Benjamin Tagg
Vocals: Benjamin Tagg, Ruth Tagg, Sarah Dispenza, Nathan Dispenza
Guitars: Benjamin, Sam & Billy Tagg
Drums: Danusia “Beatz” Nowak-Riffel –
Bass: Dave Riffel
Piano: Dave Riffel, Sarah Dispenza, Benjamin Tagg
Producer & Recording Engineer: Dave Riffel @ Upper Story Studios –
Cover Artist: Benjamin Tagg

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You’re the Only One Who Can

Written and performed by Benjamin Tagg
Produced by Rich Carne
Backing Vocals: Jon Webber
Guitars: Rich Carne

Richest Man in the World

Written and performed by Benjamin Tagg
Produced by Jersey Manella
Backing Vocals: Ruth Tagg, Dave Riffel, Aleia Vega
Guitars: Benjamin Tagg
Drums: Miles Fonda