CDs in production!

January 16, 2020

I’m excited to announce that recording, mixing and mastering for Redeeming The Time are now complete! On New Year’s Day 2020 Dave and I got some strong coffee and plugged away at wrapping this up! It was a very awesome way to kick off a new decade. Usually my new year is all about starting something new. A new habit or project. This year I started by finishing something that is very dear to my heart!

The next step, already in process, is to produce CDs and distribute the music for digital download and online streaming. There was a sense of anticipation as I uploaded and named each song to the website. CD production takes 2-4 weeks from when you place the order.

Here’s how the process works

  • First they create a test print and confirm that its all looking good.
  • Then they print the CD cases. (Up to here is already completed with my CDs)
  • Then they print the design on the CDs themselves and duplicate the master copy.
  • Then they assemble the cases, put the cds in and wrap them in poly
  • Last of all they ship them to me! and I get really excited 😀

Where can you get a copy?

I set up a shop right here on where you can purchase a physical copy or a digital download. This is the BEST place to buy the album for multiple reasons. Firstly, it supports me the best. No portion of the sale goes to a company, just me (and a tiny bit to PAYPAL). Secondly, for the first two months after release there will be special discounts available that won’t be elsewhere. Thirdly, I’ll get it to you faster because I care the most about people who listen to my music.

Where else can you get it?

I will be distributing the album to the following outlets. Timeline for release is unsure and the outlet has to approve the music, so there are no absolute guarantees for all of these. However, I’ll keep you posted as and when I get confirmation.

 Apple Music
 Google Play & YouTube Music

Are you having a release party?

Yes, the plan is to get together and celebrate this new release at Steps. It will hopefully be sometime in February. Please stop back here in the coming days and weeks for more updates and news of the listen / release party.

In the Studio

September 8, 2019


Buffalo, NY

Hi my name is Benjamin Tagg. I was born and raised in England but the twists and turns of a life guided by God's hands, have brought me to Buffalo, New York. I love music in all its forms, but I gravitate towards indie, rock and acoustic styles. My style is earthy and laid back. I play acoustic guitar, drums and piano. I hope you enjoy my music and join me on this journey of sharing it with the world!